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Word from our Chairman

“Our ethical values remain the ​driver of our operations as we ​continue to create sustainable ​designs.”

S.V. Kumar, Chairman - P A Footwear P Ltd

Our Mindset Towards ​Sustainability

Passion for creating wealth from waste and a greener earth ​drives us to develop eco-friendly, biodegradable products ​meeting customer needs.

Step into the future with P A Footwear P Ltd.’s latest ​innovation in Collaboration with CSIR-NIIST,


Footwear, Bags & Accessories crafted from plant-based ​substrate sheets, lovingly cultivated through R&D. These ​eco-chic marvels not only elevate your style but also ​Mother Earth's mood! with usage of 95% Plant Based ​Materials ( out of which 60% is Agro waste), they're like a ​green hug for our planet. So, bid farewell to guilt and hello ​to sustainability, one step at a time! PUs used only in ​Finishing for Physical Characters .Now, every stride is a ​statement for the environment. Let's kickstart a revolution ​in fashion that's as gentle on the Earth as it is on our soles! ​Indian Patent No. 202411016392(Pending)

Our journey so far in Green Bio-​Degradable Sheet Processing

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P A Footwear Pvt Ltd



Focus on Sustainable ​Leather Processing and ​started working towards ​Green Earth

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Signed MOU with


For Preparation of ​Retanning Agents from ​Chrome Shavings


Created Vegan Division ​to work towards ​sustainable leather ​creation


Signed MOU with CSIR-​NIIST for Sugarcane ​Bagasse based ​Vegan Shee​ts


VeganVirya Brand is ​established and started ​creating Plant based ​Vegan Sheets

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Our Impact on Nature


Vegan Material Content

Our Vegan Virya Material is ​created with 95% Agro based​ Sugarcane bagasse



Our VeganVirya Products are ​95% bio-degradable

4 Dedicated

R&D Staff Vegan ​Division

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Re-Thinking on New ​Challenges

VeganVirya Sheets with Multi-Color options

0% Color Fading, 95% Vegan,

99% Bio-Degradable

Sustainable Vegan Products

Bags, Sandals, Clutchs, Travel Bags

We continue to focus on ​Quality

Verified for Absence of ​Animal Proteins




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Experience the unique touch of VeganVirya! Crafted with natural, ​organic materials, each batch boasts its own character in color, ​texture, and softness. Embrace the beauty of artisanal craftsmanship ​and plant-based fibers..

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